The smallest details can make a real impact when it comes to designing a space, but only a true professional knows how to bring these details together to create a seamless design. That’s where Jaquez Interior Designs comes in. We are experts in creating interiors that impress.

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From concept to completion, our full service interior design transforms your house into a cohesive, intentional, unique designed home. With this service, we can design for multiple rooms or entire homes.

Taking on an interior design project is more than simply creating a beautiful home; it’s also about personal development and change. It’s about leading an embodied, joyful life in a space that encourages that.


  • Concepts and space plans for each room
  • Construction documentation or drawings as needed
  • 3D Renderings for key rooms
  • All materials and furnishings selections
  • Procurement, expediting and warehousing
  • White glove delivery and installation for the big reveal
  • Project management, site visits, client meetings and design presentations

Customers choose us because they can feel themselves reaching for something greater. We bring the beauty and grace we see in you into your house. As life is a continuous process of progress, we utilize the interior design tool to conjure what you are already in the process of becoming.


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Our primary goal is to transform homes into profoundly customized, distinctively valuable sanctuaries. We are experts at designing spaces that truly reflect the personalities of their occupants. So what do we do, as interior designers? And what can you anticipate if you’re redesigning a single room, a few rooms, or your entire home?

What to anticipate while hiring our interior design team is summarized in the following phases:

  • Initial Consultation (Introduction, Expectations, Budget and Programming)
  • The Planning (Space Plans, Design Boards, Material selection, and Decisions)
  • The Waiting (Proposals, Quotes, Orders, Deliveries)
  • The Grand Finale (Installation, The Reveal)

The first step in our full design process is to schedule an initial discovery call so we can learn more about your project. If determined a fit, an in-home design consultation will be scheduled as a jumping off point to develop a proposal.

We aim to understand your vision and desired outcome in detail. We analyze how the space currently performs and identify any practical limitations. We consider how the space needs to function in the future and how it will be used. We carefully listen to your needs and discuss the project’s scope, budget, and timeline to ensure aligned expectations.

Once you’ve decided to move forward and take this exciting step, your project manager and Interior Designer will take detailed photographs and measurements of your home and begin designing an accurate plan. During this meeting, we finalize the project’s technical specifications by identifying your design goals, whether they pertain to space planning or lifestyle.

During your first design presentation, you will be able to see our proposed floor plans, elevations, and 3D digital renderings. We will display all the material options we have meticulously sourced for you to touch and feel, as part of our design experience. Our goal is to help you visualize and understand your new space on a whole different level.

Based on your feedback we will make any necessary revisions to the plans and/or specifications. Once the final changes have been approved and you feel comfortable (and hopefully, super excited) about the plan, we move into a purchasing/construction agreement. This agreement maps out the timeline, payment schedule, itemized list of everything that needs to be sourced along with the final overall budget.

During this exciting phase, our team will provide proposals and specifications for the approved items, and the ordering process will begin. Your project manager and interior designer will oversee the ordering and receiving processes to ensure quality control and correct item specifications. Custom furnishings will be made, ordered, and delivered over the coming weeks or months. All items will be delivered to a white-glove shipping and receiving warehouse until the installation day. This is where the construction phase takes place for clients undertaking renovations or new construction.

The final phase of Full Service Design involves completing the space with finishing details such as artwork, area rugs, lighting, accessories, and window treatments. A cleaning team will be hired to ensure the home is in prime condition for the new furniture. The client must be offsite for at least a  to allow the team to work and reveal the finished space, creating a dream space that the client can enjoy.

After the installation, any minor adjustments or changes may be addressed, such as changing light bulb temperature or replacing a decor item. Our team will schedule a walk-through with the client two days after the installation to create a list of these items together. The goal is to take care of these items quickly and efficiently so that the client can start enjoying their new home.

Once the client is enjoying their new space, a project closure meeting will be scheduled to take pictures and gather feedback on the beautiful new space and the design experience. Feedback is essential to our team as we constantly strive to improve and ensure total client satisfaction.