The smallest details can make a real impact when it comes to designing a space, but only a true professional knows how to bring these details together to create a seamless design. That’s where Jaquez Interior Designs comes in. We are experts in creating interiors that impress.

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A total home redesign can bring joy, improve a family’s living conditions, and increase the value of your property. Jaquez Interior Designs team specializes in high-end designs and artistry for the best interior and exterior remodeling. Our professional teams will be with you from start to finish to bring your idea to life, such as rebuilding your bathroom and kitchen, replacing old floors, renovating your fireplace, or designing bespoke cabinetry and pantry.

Jaquez Interior Designs is skilled in planning and designing remodeled interior spaces, architectural details, selecting and specifying materials and finishes, kitchen and bath design, and more. Our team ensures a smooth process and that design plans are carried out as planned. Our renovation services include:

  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Custom Fire Mantels
  • Bathroom Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Room Additions
  • Color consulting
  • Full House Renovation
  • Condo Renovation
  • Lofts Renovation


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The most commonly used phases of renovation for residential projects, such as single-family homes, are typically a good breakdown of how and when design-related tasks will be accomplished. Additional phases may be added for larger residential projects to address complexities that can occur at the construction process’s beginning, middle, or end. Each phase should have a specified start and end, and payment may be tied to milestones based on the completion of each phase, depending on the contracted fee structure. Having processes that follow the step-by-step order of the design phases can help keep projects running smoothly and all parties informed about what comes next, despite unexpected challenges that may arise during the renovation process.


  • Blueprint/Floor Plan Review
  • Conceptual Design Meeting
  • Space Plan
  • Architectural Details
  • Kitchen & Bath Design
  • Countertop Selections
  • Backsplash Details
  • Cabinetry Design & Finish Selection
  • Hardware Fixture Selection
  • Plumbing & Lighting Selection
  • Bath Design Details
  • Paint Color Schemes
  • Flooring Selection
  • Custom Ceiling Designs
  • Stair Bannister Design
  • Exterior Selections Consultation

Every renovation project starts with an in-person consultation with you in your home. This is a complimentary consultation to introduce you to our company, answer any additional questions, and take a look at your space. As we listen to you communicate your goals for the space we will be able to evaluate realistic budget expectations, timeframes, and solutions for the space. The Design Consultant will then determine an appropriate design fee based on the projected scope of design work.

This phase is all about asking questions and defining goals. We want to understand as much information as possible up front about your vision and your desired outcome. We explore how a space functions (or doesn’t function), how it needs to function in the future, who will use the space and how their needs impact the design. We spend time discussing a client’s needs, wants and desired outcomes.

Based on the information gathered in the Initial Consultation, we’ll create a soft renovation bid that includes a clearly defined written description of the project scope and initial budget projection. Revisions will be made if necessary, giving you a clear picture of the investment necessary for your renovation project.

Once you’ve decided to move forward and take this exciting step, your project manager and Interior Designer will take detailed photographs and measurements of your home and begin designing an accurate plan. They will work in tandem to create a custom solution for you, and the way you live in your home.

During this phase, our clients give us the freedom to design within their budget and translate the findings from our consultation into a full design. This process, lasting several weeks, creates a full personalized design plan for your space, complete with a digital presentation, inspired by you. Your design presentation will include:

  • Our concepts include high-quality 3D visualizations for selected rooms. Renderings are provided to give you an idea of spatial relationships, scale, proportion and finishes.
  • Material Samples
  • Comprehensive Budget

During your first design presentation, you will be able to see custom plans designed to address your goals and wishes. Floor plans, elevations, and digital renderings will help you visualize and understand your new space, while the specifications will provide a complete cost analysis of the proposed plan. Your Interior Designer will also have examples of materials that have been spec’d for your project. We will make any necessary revisions to the plans and/or specifications based on your feedback.

Once the final changes have been approved and you feel comfortable (and hopefully, super excited) about the plan, we move into a Renovation Agreement. This agreement maps out the timeline, payment schedule, approved specifications, drawings and final budget for the project.

During this exciting phase, you will work closely with your Interior Designer, whose guidance and expertise will give you the confidence to make all of your selections and material decisions needed to finalize the details of your project. Your selection meetings will take place in our design studio, exclusive to our clients or at your home.

While you’re finalizing your design details, our internal team will be hard at work ordering your selected products and preparing construction ready documents to acquire any required zoning, HOA approvals, and/or permits needed to start your project.

  • Finalizing details for floor plans, elevations, cabinet and finish specifications, lighting plans, door and window schedules, etc.
  • Review and coordination of electrical, plumbing, mechanical details according to project scope.
  • Our in-house architect or engineer may review the plans depending on the complexity of the project and if structural elements require alterations.

Once your selections are made, materials have been ordered, and any permits needed have been approved, we can begin construction and turn your plans into a reality.

Your Interior Designer and Project Manager will be there for you every step of the way to oversee your project through its completion, providing you with weekly updates and a detailed timeline. We also manage the ordering and receiving processes to ensure quality control, correct item specs, and a stress-free process for you.


Given the various project types and sizes we work on, budgets can be especially difficult to give appropriate expectations for. That being said, we put a great deal of time and thought into providing rough ballpark ranges for several project types below. One of our Design Consultants will be able to give you a much more accurate range based on your specific project once they have seen the space and heard more specific details from you. Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report is also a great reference when considering budget expectations for a remodeling project in your home. This report is compiled from the averages on permits that are pulled in Central Ohio and are meant to give you an idea of what homeowners are investing.




KITCHEN: $75,000 – 175,000+
MASTER BATHROOM:  $60,000 – 100,000+
HALL BATHROOM:  $30,000 – 50,000+
ROOM ADDITION:  $100,000+