The smallest details can make a real impact when it comes to designing a space, but only a true professional knows how to bring these details together to create a seamless design. That’s where Jaquez Interior Designs comes in. We are experts in creating interiors that impress.

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Jaquez Interior Designs is a full-service interior design firm in Dallas TX providing design services for new construction, renovation, commercial and furnishing projects. We specialize in creating timeless spaces tailored to your needs and tastes. Our team of experienced interior designers provide our clients with design expertise and attention to detail to ensure the highest quality of work every time.

We understand that every space has its own unique character. However, our goal is to provide individualized and tailored design solutions that capture that character while adhering to the aesthetic standards of a high-end luxury interior design.

Our team is committed to providing the required effort to give you the desired design. We strive to stay abreast of the latest architectural, product, and design concept trends to ensure our designs stay on the cutting edge.

With Jaquez Interior Designs, quality, style, and luxury are guaranteed. We are passionate about creating unique and inviting environments designed with the utmost respect for your ideas and budget. From start to finish, our commitment is to exceed your expectations.

Our objective is to partner every step of the process as your trusted advisor. We act as your project manager, overseeing every aspect of the design process while ensuring your budget and timeline are met. From luxury residential renovations to successful commercial projects, Jaquez Interior Designs is the partner you need to bring your project to life.

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We specialize in creating warm, modern homes for clients who don’t have the time to design, or capacity to manage a renovation project and allow them to live in completed, well-designed interiors, in an efficient, easy way.

Our range of services include:

  • Full service decor and decorative interiors
  • Designing and managing gut renovations of homes and apartments
  • Designing new construction homes alongside architects and builders, and managing all trades, through completion of the project.

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New York City, The city that never sleeps, that’s where it all started. Being from NYC, I was constantly overstimulated with new ideas and the desire to create my own masterpieces. I stumbled into interior design by mere luck in my college years. From that moment on I knew my world had changed and I had found my purpose. Now, with over 13 years of experience in the industry, I have honed my skills in a variety of design styles.

If you are looking for your regular run-of-the-mill interior designer who will just decorate your space, make it look nice, and you never hear from them once they are done, then you are in the wrong place. You can navigate away from this page – no worries, I won’t get hurt. If not, keep reading.

This is not to sound arrogant, it’s just blunt honesty. I’m not here to take your business and add one more name to my list of clients. I’m here to establish a genuine relationship and deliver an experience through functionality, where I pour my heart and expertise into meeting your needs and desires.

I understand that your space is a reflection of who you are and what you do. I am not constrained by one particular aesthetic. While my visual style may be loosely defined as modern enhanced with mid-century decor, it is always fluidly evolving, consistently organic, and playful.

My humble beginnings back in the Dominican Republic rooted in a deeply family-oriented upbringing, have given me the insights and true appreciation for what’s truly valuable, that’s why my focus is always human first, interior space second. Being in close contact with nature all around me provides me with both the artistic acumen and creative ability to build something that reflects your values as someone enters your space, bringing your dreams to fruition and permeating your essence throughout every corner of your dwelling.

For me, every project is unique, I believe that a well-designed space can have a profound impact on the way we live, work and play. I aim to create designs that are not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable.

I’m an artist, I’m a designer, I’m here to make your space better than you could have ever imagined.


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