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art deco

Art Deco, evoking images of stylish destinations, Paris, Milan, and Miami’s South Beach, stands the test of time over and again. As a team of professionals that adore the luxurious yet simple style of Art Deco, we love to work with its lasting and functional designs.

The name, Art Deco, comes from the French term “Arts Decoratifs”. It didn’t get its name until the 1920s. By then, the style was seen throughout France and Italy and was already moving quickly across the United States.

While it continues to have a resurgence in popularity, its alluring metal finishes, geometric patterns, and bold color choices never fell completely out of favor with people opting for the look of luxury.

 Truly versatile in style, Art Deco architecture, interior design, and furniture easily lend themselves to fusion with minimalist, relaxing, or comforting spaces.

By carefully using smooth lines and geometric patterns and retaining symmetry, Art Deco blends luxury and minimal styles to create sleek spaces that feel comfortable and sophisticated.

Although its architecture evolved heavily through the years, it maintained basic features that make it stand out from the crowd:

  • Sleek and smooth walls
  • Symmetrical shapes
  • Slightly recessed uniform windows
  • Clearly defined lines
  • Stylish use of geometry, such as chevrons and zigzags

Interior design features of Art Deco include:

  • Metal finishes such as gold, silver & chrome
  • Shiny surfaces and glass
  • Bold geometric patterns and color pairings
  • Use of lines and simple circular shapes

Jaquez Interior Design, is a full-service interior design firm dedicated to providing high-end luxury environments for residential and commercial projects. Our commitment to every project is to not only exceed your expectations but be conscientious of your ideas, wishes and budget and help bring your dreams into reality.

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