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  |  ALL DESIGN   |  Is wallpaper a thing of the past?

I have always been a fan of wallpaper. I try to incorporate wallpaper in all my designs, whether is a feature wall, a ceiling, or an entire room. But every time I introduce it to a client during a project I get the same reaction. Is wallpaper still in style? and my answer to that is YES!!!!!

Myth: Wallpaper is stuffy and old-fashioned.

Wallpaper is one of the best ways to make a statement, bring in bold colors, pattern, or simply make a space special. And don’t get me wrong, you don’t always have to make it crazy.


Wallcoverings can be subtle or bold, brightly colored or monochromatic. It comes in so many patterns, styles, and textures. Look around and wherever you turn, the evidence is in plain sight: on TV, in magazines, on websites, and in-display homes, walls are being covered with creative patterns and designs that bring rooms to life.


The modern daybed has roots as a place to relax and predates the modern couch or sofa. In ancient Greece, daybeds or klines as they were called would often be placed in areas of the home where guests would congregate. As we use couches or sofas today, the daybed was a place for leisure and socializing.

Myth: Wallpaper is limiting.

You know how you look at a wild wallpaper sample and think “who would ever buy this?” Maybe the answer is you. You would. If something tugs at you but you ignore it because you think the print is too loud, permit yourself to experiment. Sometimes an unexpected pattern can make the biggest payoff in a room.

If you’re not sold on covering a whole room with wallpaper, you can always compromise with a quarter wall.


Minimalists can play with wallpaper, too. You can add a boost of style to your dining room with a subtle print that uses plenty of negative space. This lightly checkered wallpaper creates a lovely backdrop for the traditional wooden table and floor-to-ceiling case.

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